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Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck is a procedure to reduce belly fat and remove extra skin from the belly. Tummy tuck is a very popular procedure in Lahore.
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The liposuction is removal of fats from the belly without surgery. Unlike tummy tuck it does not cause any scar or operation. It is hit in Lahore
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It is a uncommon to have vagina and hymen repair surgery in Lahore.
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Boob Jobs are very common in Lahore. Breast Implants are imported. Other option is fat filling to increase breast size in Lahore.
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Botox and Fillers can be given separately. But both are usually given in combinations. Both combined can make you young without any need of surgery. Young patients also get a lot of benefits from botox and fillers by having non surgical brow elevation crow feets removal and lip enhancement without any surgery. We are providing best botox and fillers service in Lahore Pakistan. Procedure is totally non invasive office procedure. Botox can treat crow feets, forehead lins, change smile patterns, excessive sweating, neck bands. Fillers can treat small lips, prominant nasolabial folds, some wrinkes, small breast or small nipples, malar or cheek areas. Here is a list of what botox and fillers can do..
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Liposuction is a procedure to remove fat from your belly, thighs, arm and chin. It is done without surgery. Results are immediate and satisfying. It is one of most common procedure to do in Pakistan by the Plastic Surgeons and all over the wrold as well. It can remove fat from...

  • Tummy
  • Thigs and Arms
  • Double Chin

While gastric balloon can decrease weight upto 30kg, tummy tuck and mommy makerover are other options.

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We provide a complete range of face and neck beautification procedures. They fall in deifferent categories ranging from small surgeries to the non invasive procedures .....

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We are best in Brest Surgery, Hymen Surgery, Liposuction, tummy Tuck, Gastric Balloon and Weight Loss, Hair Transplant and all kinds of Plastic and Recosntructive Surgeires in Pakistan

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Breast Augmentation
$2500 / total

Implant Best Mentor Implant  
Surgeon Fee Surgeon fee included  
Anesthesia General Anesthesia  
Night Stay Not Included  
After Surgery Visit One Visit free Support  

Liposuction (Belly)
$950 / total

Surgeon Fee Surgeon fee included  
Anesthesia Local Anesthesia  
Night Stay Not Included  
After Surgery Visit One Visit free Support  

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